Many years ago someone who did my astrological charts told me that my birth sign (Scorpio) with all the other factors show that I had the capability of flying like an eagle or playing it safe and walking like a turkey. I pondered that for years and have come to the conclusion that if I’m flying high there’s always someone taking shots as me on the ground with a high-powered rifle and laser scope, and if I’m on the ground there is always someone chasing me with a hachet, lips smacking, especially this time of year. Lesson? Either path there are prices to be paid and danger no matter what. Failures bring more knowledge then success, they just don’t taste as good to us. Success rides one high, but watch out for the bullets. Baste your turkeys often for the best results and remember they taste better than most other birds.  Feast on a fat turkey, but don’t eat too much or you will never get off the ground.