Ken Kesey’s hipster bus “Further” Circa 1967 Mass Transit on the Run

Hippie-Someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle

That’s one hell of a biased definition of a “state of mind” for a part of a generation that merely didn’t want to be what their parents were; a generation of subdued sheep that seemed to foster consumerism without ethical responsibility. Rock and roll music was the symbiant that created the groundswell to activate a generation.  Most of message was lost to time due to writers and historians attempting to explain what had happened in those explosive years.  The mindset accomplished faded for ages but guess what? The time has come for us to “pay the piper” for three generations of ignoring those ”hippie” concepts of recycling, earth-friendly farming, conservation of natural resources, vegetarianism, and self-awareness to the environment around us.


Some wealthy neo-conservatives still think we can pollute our way to prosperity and we as a country give a great example to the new developing countries by showing them how to destroy the environment while enriching the few, using the masses of common citizenry as cheap labor.  We in the advanced civilized world have allowed investment banks and super rich gamers to rig the financial systems as machines to find the best return on investment regardless of human cost and the jury is in-they succeeded to allow “free market” forces to destroy our economy, the strength of our purchasing power, and our commodity prices.   

Foreign economies are saving us from collapse in the short run but in the long run will we be able to keep our current standard of living in this process?  Should we keep our current standard of living?  Until we get away from the old theorems of lifestyle and begin the liberation of resources by minimizing the influence of massive corporate machines in our lives, we will be slaves to their system, paying dearly in dollars and spirit. We the people, need to create our own macro-economies by fostering independent living from those parasitic suppliers that control our lives and destroy our planet. If we utilize solar panels for our homes, they can’t gouge us with electrical costs. If we begin communal gardens, it lessens the impact of food shortages and inflation. If we rehab and consolidate unwanted deteriorated areas into viable housing, we circumvent the extraordinary costs of owning a home and have invested in a very appreciable asset for the future. Communal investing in companies that are eco-friendly or just investing in the things that are localized right in your neighborhood can be initiated. The mere act of riding a bike helps the heart, helps save energy. There are many things both small and large that we can change and do it within our lifetimes, easily. Take the money you saved and invest it to return the best humanized rate you can, starting with your lifestyle.  We have the power, we can make it happen we just don’t realize it yet.  Each generation should build on the successive ones, so that the best ideas and ideologies are retained.  Be a Neo-Hippie for the New Millennia “someone who rejects the established culture.”  It all starts with the circle of economies.  The money goes round and enriches those who provide the work, goods, and services.  Get Macro!  Take care of your circle first and don’t worry about enriching investment banks.  Simple economies of scale succeed because the production that is generated locally, helps keep the income stream local. We can only affect the environment that surrounds us, if that, but small steps lead to giant changes.  To view wealth in an ancient perspective it can be ”the keys to the kingdom of Heaven…..and those same keys also open the door to Hell” (a very old Buddhist saying).  We must choose wisely.  We have a massive responsibility to do so.

The question is when you turn on the energies of your power to be, does it turn you on?  Can you be hipper than a hippie? Can you really begin to change the world, now that it counts even more than ever?  Show me, and together let us go “further” and make our world a better place to live for our children’s children.