This was originally written in October 2007 when gas was $2.75 a gallon.

It has been decried long before the first Earth Day in the seventies and over thirty years later, we still allow our politicians, oil conglomerates, and irrational perspectives to rule our absurd interconnected world. As the price per barrel rises, we “barrel” into what could be the worst economic recession the world has seen while allowing our dollar to sink to the lowest price relative to other currencies in our history. There are many reasons for slower growth but none so permeating as oil. We feed terrorist countries with huge amounts of cash that they use to purchase weapons from our “allies” to use against us. We allow our economy to be tied to the purchase of that oil and therefore like a heroin addict we can’t break away from the injection.

We use more energy per person than any other country on the planet. Don’t you think it is time for a national coherent plan of action to stop this madness? We need an equivalent of a “moon landing” program, or a war bond campaign of conservation, while the private sector such nuclear (we pay for all waste and cleanup and limit damages in an accident), oil (drilling and lease subsidies, tax breaks),  is given subsidies that have been taken away for alternatives such as solar, wind, and geothermal power to start and then get our automobiles off the track of using gasoline to new technologies of hydrogen, hybrid, natural gas alternatives.

This is your country, you need to become active and demand our government stop this addictive behavior to allow large corporate entities to rule this land by political special interests. This should be an political election platform for our potential leaders, because as I look at the past we are still sitting on our collective butts and wait for government and oil companies to come forth with an answer that is not in their best interest to solve in any form. Now is the time to demand action, or we may be paying in many more ways than at the pump my fellow citizens. You don’t want the extreme ramifications of supply and demand of this “world economy” to destroy what we have built.

We need an Energy Independence Declaration to begin the work to give the private sector the tax breaks they need to innovate and come up with viable alternatives so we can breathe clean air, keep our economy humming, and keep the dollars out of the hands of those who would use them against us given the chance. Your children’s children need a fair shot at a good life.