The enchantment of Big Sur began at age 16 when a group of crazy teenagers flew across the country in a 1970 Buick LeSabre at speeds of over 140 mph from New Jersey to California. I documented that “coming of age” trip in a book “Only Moments” many years later. Big Sur was the epicenter of incredible beauty, danger, and a magnet for all types of people in my generation. From the writer Henry Miller, to the beats, to the children of the sixties this place was magical….and still is. The paintings were done in 2013 and there is one more that I will post next that is my favorite and was the hardest to do….

My paintings are now on display right outside of Sedona, AZ at “The Miner’s Pick Gallery” in Jerome at 123 Hill Street located at what once was the hospital and surgeon’s home. Stop in and see Melissa and their incredible offerings of natural wood furniture, crystals, gemstones, geodes, and fossils along with my artwork hanging on the walls.

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