The constitution calls for a “well regulated militia” not individual ownership. Muskets were used at the time, not high-tech assault rifles. There was no National Guard or Army, Air Force, Marines in that era. The 2nd amendment was designed to keep slaves at bay in the southern states using voluntary state-run militia. It was a compromise to get the Constitution ratified in the loosely-based slave-holding southern states. It is obsolete and racist but NO ONE wants to deal with reality. It was the well-regulated militia made up of civilians from each individual state to keep the slaves down on the farm and guns out of their hands. Our founding fathers did the best they could to fashion a nation of religious exiles that were warring with each other (Methodists in the north, Baptists in the south) and slaveholders of which they were a part. They were far from perfect and the document was never intended to be a religious text that was the “word of god” to follow blindly through the centuries.

This country was founded on genocide, tobacco, and slave labor…times have changed and to refer to outdated language that has no bearing on reality 300 years later is absurd in my humble opinion. Military grade weapons have no place in individual hands. If anyone thinks they are necessary to overthrow “the government” they are fools. We have created a nation of guns because of loopholes in Supreme Court rulings over an amendment that says nothing about individual gun rights.

We have more guns per capita then ANY nation in the world…It’s staggering and we wonder why nut cases can get guns…they are so easy to get legally or illegally and most of these domestic terrorists get them legally. Rapid-fire weapons of war in the general population’s hands created this nightmare and they were banned until Bush let that ban expire. As a country we’ve gone mad!