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This is a painting that represents fireworks being shot off of barges off the Honolulu Coast….A fun project and colorful…just like July 4!

My paintings are now on display right outside of Sedona, AZ at “The Miner’s Pick Gallery” in Jerome at 123 Hill Street located at what once was the hospital and surgeon’s home. Stop in and see Melissa and their incredible offerings of natural wood furniture, crystals, gemstones, geodes, and fossils along with my artwork hanging on the walls. For more paintings go to


FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN This was inspired by a storm I watched 8,000 ft. up in the mountains outside of Las Vegas where I once made my home. It was named after an old Grateful Dead song….it was truly an amazing experience….

Aloha Painted in 2013

I love painting sunsets and ocean. The long distance field of view is challenging and pushes me to learn different techniques each time. I am an untrained artist and have always enjoyed doing things for the first time…it is my strength and my nemesis at times….but that’s the Yin and Yang of life….to keep dancing between them is the only goal there is….nothing further….now to keep breathing and let it happen….stream of conciousness painting….